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The Veterinary Technician's Pocket accomplice is a finished, pocket-sized reference consultant for the small animal practitioner. the straightforward to exploit layout presents veterinary technicians entry to functional details had to excel within the office, correct at their fingertips.

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Consult with DVM. • Animal too deep: — < 8 rpm, HR < 70 bpm for small dogs — < 60 bpm for large dogs — < 100 bpm for cats — Is the vaporizer too high? — Decrease or turn off vaporizer. — Bag with pure O2 every 5 sec. — Consult with DVM. Anesthesia 15 • Pale mucus membranes: — Check for bleeding disorders, hemorrhage, anemias, and drugs or inhaled agents. — Assess anesthetic depth. — Monitor vitals. — Consult DVM. — Fluids or transfusion may be necessary. : • Hypotension, blood loss, shock. — Check pulse pressure and blood pressure.

4. The last blood collection will be taken 8 hr. * * See your laboratory for details. Cytology and Endocrine Function Testing 21 Normal Values • Baseline cortisol: 1–5 μg/dL These values are based on Marshfield Clinic Laboratories ranges. Meaning of Abnormal Results High-dose testing: • If the 4-hr. and/or 8-hr. cortisol levels are < 50% baseline: pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism. • If the 4-hr. and/or 8-hr. cortisol levels are > 50% baseline: either adrenal-dependent or pituitarydependent hyperadrenocorticism.

Anatomy OUTLINE: ´ ´ ´ Canine Anatomy / 2 Feline Anatomy / 3 Reference / 5 2 The Veterinary Technician’s Pocket Partner ´ Canine Anatomy Skull Cervical vertebrae Maxilla Thoracic vertebrae Lumbar vertebrae Mandible Pelvis Scapula Humerus Ribs Ulna Radius Tibia Carpus Sacral vertebrae Femur Fibula Tarsus Metacarpus Metatarsus Phalanges FIGURE 1–1 Canine Skeleton Lumbar muscles Lateral head of Triceps FPO Biceps Femoris Semi-Tendinosus FIGURE 1–2 Canine Muscles 3 anatomy Diaphram Kidneys Trachea Ureters Large intestine Anus Bladder Esophogus Lungs Urethra Heart Liver Spleen Stomach FIGURE 1–3 Canine Body Cavity ´ Feline Anatomy Lumbar vertebrae (7) Floating rib Thoracic vertebrae (13) Maxilla Sacrum (3) Mandible False rib Coccygeal vertebrae Femur Fibula Patella Tarsals Carpals Metatarsals Phalanges Tibia Metacarpals Cervical vertebra (7) Scapula True rib Sternum (sternebrae) Humerus Olecranon process Radius Ulna Phalanges FIGURE 1–4 Feline Skeleton 4 The Veterinary Technician’s Pocket Partner Lumbar muscles Biceps Femoris Triceps SemiTendinosus FIGURE 1–5 Feline Muscles Trachea Diaphram Kidneys Ureters Esophogus Anus Large intestine Lungs Urethra Heart Bladder Liver Spleen Stomach FIGURE 1–6 Feline Body Cavity anatomy 5 ´ Reference McCurnin, D.

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