By Stuart Andrew Jackson

ISBN-10: 0954410106

ISBN-13: 9780954410100

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Two thousand metres. Nineteen hundred. Eighteen hundred. Page 42 Salisbury heard a simulated chime. The auditory tap was active. The Copy, the spawned Third simulacrum of herself, had found something interesting in the Cascade. Routing its request through Salisbury’s nchoi resource, it had signalled its wish to communicate with her. Salisbury pursed her lips. Must be quite important. No time now though. Salisbury instructed the Copy to stand by and a tiny, whorling icon appeared, pulsed once, and snicked to the edge of her peripheral vision to confirm that the Copy understood.

Brock smiled. ’ His eyes suddenly sparkled. ’ Tennys felt his face grow hot. He was not used to having this kind of conversation. His life on Memecast had been quite solitary and he had thought about little else other than his work for several years. The women that he had had contact with had shown little interest in anything but his ideas, which he had accepted without a thought at the time. ‘I’m sorry Tennys,’ said Brock suddenly, leaning forward in his seat, his face grave. ’ Tennys felt a sudden affection for Brock and his sensitivity.

She said suddenly, and Tennys looked. The dark swelling was indeed moving, like there was something inside trying to escape. The pockmarked surface pulsed and stretched slightly, and Tennys fought down a sudden revulsion. His experience of machines on Memecast had not prepared him for this... this organic lumpiness . He shivered and stood up. ’ he said. ‘That’s the Memecast in you talking,’ said Brock, filling three cups with the water the tiny stove had efficiently boiled. He glanced up at Tennys.

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Water: A Science Fantasy Novel by Stuart Andrew Jackson

by Kenneth

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