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EPA. S. EPA’s list. Most facility water managers will not be required to deal with listed hazardous wastes. However, a waste is “characterized” if it exhibits one or more of the following characteristics: ignitable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic (see Table 3-2). Finally, the facility manager who is a generator of hazardous wastes must maintain records of waste generation and especially shipment. S. EPA number and prepare a Hazardous Waste Manifest for shipping waste to a treatment center. The intent is to maintain the cradle to grave management of hazardous wastes.

S. Weather Service to predict the storms. A flood calculated on the basis of a heavy rainfall once in 25 years would be a 25-year storm. For most facility stormwater runoff and storage calculations, a five-year or a 25-year storm is used. The facility manager needs to understand the significance of the storm period. As the time increases between the assumed heavy storms, the size of the works to carry the water away increases. Culverts and drains for a parking lot or road designed for five-year storms (a storm that happens once every five years) are less expensive than culverts and drains designed for a 25-year storm (a storm that happens once every 25 years).

A plowed field would absorb most of the rainwater, but when a facility converted the field to a parking lot, the water ran off and onto the ©2004 by The Fairmont Press. All rights reserved. adjacent property. Facility managers must take this responsibility into account when changing the nature of the lay of the land by constructing parking lots or other site developments that are impervious to water runoff. ” An easement is the right to use somebody else’s land for conveyance of runoff water. In some cases, the facility must construct a pipe, underground, that flows clear to a natural stream for runoff flows.

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